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VoIP (Voice Over IP)
Enjoy getting out from the office?  Would you like to do it more?  HOW DO YOU VoIP?  The QC-IP Softphone allows users to access their voicemail as well as make and receive calls anywhere in the world.  Conduct business while sitting on the beach, make calls from your cruise ship in the Caribbean and receive calls in Australia even though clients have called your local number.  You only need a high-speed Internet connection wherever you are.  Reduce your long distance and international charges using the QC-IP Hosted solution for one flat monthly fee.  When connected, your phone thinks it’s in the office even when you’re not.  With a QC-IP Softphone you can stay in contact with your office though you’re not physically there.  If a customer or contact calls and you’re away or not connected, the voice mail system will be there for you.  Upon your return or getting back online, your phone will notify you of the missed calls and you can return the call promptly.  No need to give out your personal numbers or worry about blocking the outgoing Caller ID.  The QC-IP phone will always display the business line on the CID wherever you are calling from.  So “go away” for business or pleasure and stay connected “Anytime, Anywhere, with Anyone.”  Call to see if the QC-IP Solution is right for you.

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VoIP Softphone

Benefits & Features

• Easy set up, inexpensive, efficient.

• Ideal for the small office, home office, and remote


• No phone bill charges.

• Reachable through your local number anywhere in the

world through VoIP.

• Customizable features.

• Convenient drag and drop features to

make phone calls from your address book.

Learn more about the VoIP Softphone

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